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    Possible TDC Couples! Part 1?

    September 12, 2010 by TaloDB

    Well... TDC is just starting and I'm pretty sure each chapter will be more awesome than the previous one! And as there are no official couples for now, I think it's time to do what fans love to do: To rumor couples!

    In my opinion, the weirdest couple of all, and the most hinted also. Charlotte had been giving Sam several good looks and smiles during the entire episode 1. Also, Sam in one of the few contestants that hadn't shown some kind of annoyance due to Charlotte's comments. Although Sam doesn't look impressed by Charlotte (He even looks uncomfortable with Charlotte staring at him in the cover of ID), he will probably see the good side of being with Charlotte (or being her friend, at least). As well as those two keep inside the game (wh…

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