Total Drama College Aftermath is a talk show segment that is broadcast during the progression of Total Drama College. The set in which this show takes place is unknown. The Aftermath 3 hosts are Carolyn, Finlay and Emma. On the show, the aftermath's hosts interview the contestants who have been eliminated. The hosts interview the contestant about their experiences on the show and how they feel about their current position. The non-competing contestants also appear on the show, where they comment on the show as well. With each episode, the eliminated contestants who have been interviewed last time join the other eliminated contestants, and are considered commentators rather than special guests.

Aftermath EpisodesEdit

There were actually supposed to be 9 Aftermaths, but there was only room for 4 Aftermaths for the 25 episode season that is Total Drama College.

Cancelled AftermathsEdit

  • Aftermath V (TDWT)
  • Aftermath VI (TDWT)
  • Aftermath VII (TDWT)
  • Aftermath VIII (TDWT)
  • Aftermath IX

It is unknown if the aftermaths would appear as extra episodes for Total Drama College.