The Councillor Confessional Camera

First Appearance

Induction Day

The Counsillor Confessional Camera or C. C. C. is the main Confessional for Total Drama College. This confessional took the place of the Outhouse Confessional for TDI, the Dressing Room Confessional for TDA, and the Bathroom Confessional for TDWT. It was introduced on Page 12 of Induction Day.


  • The first male and first person overall to use the confessional was Dave.
  • The first female to use the confessional was Liz.
  • The councillor confessional cam has been used in every episode so far.
  • Crissie is the only person from the Screwdrivers not to use the confessinal.


TDC Lip sync test - Jim-1

TDC Lip sync test - Jim-1

Jim in the confessional